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Candidates for Parish Council Election 3rd May 2007

This information is published by Wadhurst Parish Council on behalf of the candidates whose names & addresses appear below.( alphabetical order )

Bryan BELL Church House
Church Street
Wadhurst TN5 6AR

T : 782 845
Have lived in Wadhurst all my life and have worked in the village for the last 15 years as a chartered Architectural Technologist.
Have served as a member of the Parish Council for some 28 years.
Appointments have included Vice Chairman, Chairman of Planning Committee, membership of Personnel and other committees as well as being a committee member of the Twinning Association, History Society and Parish Celebrations.
Family have lived and worked in the village for several generations giving me local knowledge and interest in the past as well as the future of Wadhurst.

Bernard BERGER Nutlands
Monks Lane
Wadhurst TN5 6EW

T : 783 348
Have lived and worked in Wadhurst as a Chartered Architect over 35 years. Wealden District Councillor 4 years on Planning and Housing Committees. Chairman of Parish Council's Planning Committee for 12 years and of its Highways Committee for 5 years. Past local co-ordinator of Neighbourhood Watch. Member of Wadhurst Social Action Project for 8 years.
On behalf of the Parish Council designed and co-ordinated the production of the Wadhurst Parish Map for the Millenium which raised some £.2500 for funding local amenities. Since then have designed possible future improvements to St. James Square and the Commemoration Hall forecourt

Daphne COLVIN 3, Mount Pleasant Cottages
Lower High Street
Wadhurst TN5 6AJ

T : 783 001
Resident 40 years
Longest serving member of Parish council for 28 years. Has been on most committees.
Well acquainted with a wide circle of residents and living in the village centre has an insight into most local activities. In this respect has often represented local feelings and opinions to the Council. Easily contactable in Wadhurst Pharmacy.
Plays an active part on Highways & Lighting Committee and regularly assists in ensuring the lights are working. This committee also addresses traffic issues including speeding and a number of initiatives are currently undertaken.

Tom DOYLE 7, Gloucester Road
Wadhurst TN5 6TA

T : 782 001
I live and work in Wadhurst. In May 2006 I became Chairman of the Highways and Lighting committee. My committee has:
  • Regularly employed a speed indicator sign on Wadhurst's roads
  • Delivered a second permanent flashing anti-speeding sign
  • Spoken up for railway passengers
  • Saved money and energy by switching off streetlights in quiet areas for part of the night
  • Worked with the county council, the police and others to solve your problems.
    If re-elected I will work:
  • Against speeding
  • For more visible policing
  • Against over-development
  • For better facilities for young people.

  • Melissa GATES Butcher's Flat
    High Street
    Wadhurst TN5 6AP
    Having lived in Wadhurst since I was four, I take a keen interest in the village and its welfare.
    I began to get concerned as to what was happening to the village so I started the voluntary litter picking. Regular litter clearing has continued.
    Also I did the bus petition which resulted in a full bus service being reinstated - they were going to cut three buses, but I got them back.
    I'm still working hard to keep the village nice as it always was and will look after the welfare of Wadhurst and its residents at all times.

    Serena GADD Swallows
    Cousley Wood
    Wadhurst TN5 6EP
    Born in 1966, into a family that has resided in Wadhurst for over 100 years.
    Daughter of Sister Gadd ( District Nurse and Midwife in Wadhurst) and Gerald Gadd, remembered for his beautiful garden in Cousley Wood.
    Lived and educated in Wadhurst and became a Broker in 1987, commuting to London.
    Now a mother of two, Ewan aged two years and Camellia aged one year.

    Michael KENT Old Farmhouse
    Wadhurst TN5 6HL

    T : 782 944
    Resident 42 years.
    Widower, Retired.
    Co-opted to Wadhurst Parish Council in March 2000.
    Served on most committees. Currently on Planning/Environment/Personnel committees.
    Involved with sporting activities in Wadhurst and is a Co-operative member of the Wealden Wholefoods shop.
    A regular user and supporter of all Wadhurst facilities. My property is just outside the parish which brings a high degree of impartiality to my contribution to some of the committees I serve on .
    I look forward to being re-elected.

    Julian MAMLOK Cockmount
    Jonas Lane
    Wadhurst TN5 6UJ

    T : 783 744
    My wife and I have lived in Wadhurst since 1974; my children have grown up here and my wife works in the village.
    I sit on the Environment, Recreation Ground and Planning Committees. I have been the Council?s lead member in preparing the Parish Plan and I edit the newsletter.
    I feel very strongly that Wadhurst is unique in maintaining many old fashioned values such as Wednesday early closing, whilst successfully addressing the needs of a C21st community.
    These qualities need to be protected which I would strive to do if elected for a third term.

    Anna MONAGHAN The Holt
    Station Hill
    Wadhurst TN5 6RY

    T : 782 671
    I have lived in Wadhurst for 28 years and have been actively involved in village life. I taught at Uplands and for several years ran after school and holiday cookery courses. I was a founder member of the Twinning Society and I am currently a committee member of Social Action Project, a driver for our local branch of ESDA (East Sussex Disability Association) and a director of Wealden and Eastbourne Lifeline.

    During my 12 years as a Parish Councillor I have been Chairman and served on most committees.
    In May I will be retiring as a Wealden District Councillor for Wadhurst.

    Jan PEARMAN The Thatched Cottage
    Best Beech Hill
    Wadhurst TN5 6JT

    T : 782 816
    I am a Teacher of the Deaf and have lived in Wadhurst for 10 years. My son and his family live in Sparrows Green, my grandchildren attend Wadhurst Primary School and my daughter runs her business from our home. I joined the Parish Council last year. I am still learning the ropes and have found it very interesting. I am on the Environment Committee and the Wadhurst Local Action Team. I am keen for local residents to know more about the Parish Council and what it does and can't do! I write the Focus report and would welcome any feedback.

    John PHIPSON Olives Manor
    Churchsettle Lane
    Wadhurst TN5 6NQ

    T : 782 244
    Resident 27 years
    Retired City solicitor.
    Co-opted to Wadhurst Parish Council in 1999. On, and then chaired, Recreation Ground Committee, drawing plenty of flak from various interests.
    Chairman 2002 to 2006, a period which included several national and parish festivities.
    Motto in life: almost anything can be fun; if you don't enjoy your work, change your job or your attitude.

    Christopher PRICE The Oasts
    Lower Cousley Wood
    Wadhurst TN5 6HF

    T : 783 106
    Resident of Parish for 22 years.
    Co opted to Wadhurst Parish Council in March 2004. Appointed Chairman of Highways Committee.
    Improved signing & introduced a renovation programme for maintaining our historic fingerposts. Organised a campaign to make drivers speed aware which continues.
    Last year elected Chairman of Council. Personal commitment to progress the issue of increased parking for which we have a working party making progress.
    Increased the concentration on finances and the precept remained 06/07 at £.105,000 effectively achieving a small reduction per household. Also made a repayment towards the loan raised for the Recreation Ground which helps to reduce our debt servicing.

    Bob STANDLEY Berriedale
    Mayfield Road
    Wadhurst TN5 6JE

    T : 782 959
    I have taken an active part in the Council's work and been its Vice-Chairman for the last 3 years.
    As Chairman of the Recreation Ground I have reduced its running costs whilst improving services and negotiated new agreements with the main users.
    A Committee member of : -
  • Finance
  • Planning
  • Wadhurst's Safer Wealden Partnership.
    If elected I will work to preserve the character of Wadhurst which makes it such a good place to live.
    Being a Parish Councillor helps my role as a District Councillor for Wadhurst and I hope you will re-elect me to both Councils.

  • Olaf THRONDSEN Bryants Farmhouse
    Wards Lane
    Wadhurst TN5 6HL

    M : 07947 458 695
    Our village is thriving, bustling and busy. That's a good thing, but it means our resources are constantly stretched. In recognising this I will work on;
  • Traffic management and parking for station, schools, shops and businesses
  • Initiatives to help the village lead the way in environmental responsibility
  • Development which is appropriate for our needs
  • Extensive and best use of our recreational facilities
  • Cost efficiency and streamlining bureaucracy

  • Hilary WHATMORE Chaffcutters
    Washwell Lane
    Wadhurst TN5 6BN

    T : 783 508
    I grew up near Bells Yew Green and have lived and worked in the heart of Wadhurst for almost 20 years. There are many and diverse activities in the village which has a bustling atmosphere and a huge community spirit.

    I've been a member of the WPC for the past three years and am on the Planning and Highways committees.
    I am very aware of the impact of traffic congestion & noise nuisance in the village centre and will be proactive in encouraging awareness of these problems and ensuring that the qualities that make Wadhurst a successful village are sustained.

    Brian WHEELER Owlers
    Cousley Wood
    Wadhurst TN5 6EY

    T : 782 566
    Moved to Cousley Wood in '95 having retired as the Personnel Director of ICI's continental operations some years earlier.
    Was involved in the late '90's as Vice Chairman in the formation of the Wadhurst Twinning Association and its formal linking with Aubers in 2000 and remain an active Committee member and its representative on the Wadhurst Partnership. Joined the Parish Council in 2000 and for a number of years has served as Chairman of the Personnel Committee and as a member of the Recreation Ground and Finance Committees.