In conjunction with BATTLE AREA COMMUNITY TRANSPORT we are hoping to initiate a register of volunteer drivers in the parish who would be prepared to use their car once or twice a month to give lifts to patients who have no other access to transport, taking them to surgeries,hospital dentist or other essential health needs. There is at present a significant gap between the availability of the ambulance /hospital driver service and the need for this service.

The proposal is that a volunteer would.

  1. Register with B.A.C.T.
  2. Provide two references ,
  3. Inform your car insurers

B.A.C.T.will pay expenses of 40p. per mile for the complete journey from the volunteers door and back. The patient will be asked to donate 28p.per mile for the distance travelled from their pick up to the hospital and back (If a volunteer from Stonegate were to take a patient from Flimwell to Pembury they would have a round trip of,say 20miles@40p 8.00. The patient travels 14miles@28p contributing 3.96.) the difference is made up by B.A.C.T from a grant from the countryside commission.

B.A.C.T. are also able and prepared to provide training in "good practice" as well as basic first aid if required.

Val Greenwood the coordinator is based in Battle available at 01424772001 during normal office hours and will be able to match requests for help coming either from individuals,surgeries or hospitals to the register of volunteers.

This is a new scheme for this area, it has worked extremely well in other districts and we hope will fill a need here too.

If you think you would be able to help as a volunteer or know of any of your friends who might help, or indeed, know of anyone in need of this kind of assistance please make contact.

For further information ring David Maynard on 01580200312 or preferably Val on 01424 772001 she will know much more about it! Battle Area Community Transport. 8 Old Ladies Court. Battle.TN33 OEN