Dear Member

Since there is no Newsletter this month and no meeting this might be a good opportunity to mention a few items and reminders.


Michael Harte and his wife have kindly invited members and their families and friends to an astronomically inclined barbecue at Greenman Farm, Wadhurst on Saturday the 27th August.  You need to bring your own food and drink, but everything else will be provided.  If you can also bring along optical telescopes, binoculars, 100-foot radio telescopes (..in case of cloud...) or anything else members think others might be interested in, they would be very welcome.  Bearing mind that it is the end of August, it might be worth bringing some warm clothing.

Michael suggests arriving at around 7.00 pm.  If you do come, it is not essential to say you are coming, but it might be a good idea to give Michael a call or email him before hand.  His telephone number is 01892 783292 and his email address is michael@greenman.demon.co.uk  

Greenman Farm is on the south side of the B2099 immediately to the west of the railway bridge.


Ian King has very kindly offered to arrange a guided tour of Hertford University's astronomical facilities at the Bayfordbury complex, just over a mile outside Hertford town, provided enough members are interested.  The visit would take place on Friday 21st October 2005 meeting there at around 7.30 pm and members would need to make their own travel arrangements or share cars to the centre.  We can discuss this at the September meeting.

Our guide would be Nik Szymanek who has talked to the Society and is also featured in the August edition of Astronomy Now, so it can't help but be a very interesting evening.

Ian would like to know the names of interested members by, or at the September meeting of the Society on Wednesday 21st September 2005.  If you need to contact Ian his telephone number is 01892 836288 and his email address is ianking2112@hotmail.com


A quick reminder that 12th August 2005 is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower.  This is expected to be a good year.  The shower will be emanating from a radiant at the northern end of Perseus near the constellation's border with Cassiopeia.  The shower is rich in bright fast moving meteors.

Have a good summer and hope to see you at the barbecue on the 27th August.

            With kind regards

Geoff Rathbone

Newsletter Editor