Minutes of AGM of Wadhurst Astronomical Society 12 December 2001

The Minutes of the 2000 AGM were accepted.

Chairman's Report - The Chairman (Murray Barber) said that it had been a poor year due to the weather conditions and hoped for clear skies in 2002. He thanked the officers and committee members for their efforts in the past year and also Michael Harte and his wife for hosting the barbeque. He welcomed new members and said that the Society telescope should be ready for the January meeting.

Secretary's Report - The Secretary (Tim Bance) said that the speakers for the past year had been well received and asked for suggestions for future subjects.

Treasurer's Report - The Treasurer (Ian Reeves) said that the Society was on a sound financial footing and that it was not totally dependent on fund-raising activities for finance. The main expenditure was on the hall and equipment. There was a vote of thanks for Steve Hale for auditing the accounts and a vote of thanks to Ian for his work over the past four years.

Publicity - Michael Harte said that the Society was publicized in the Wadhurst magazine and Astronomy Now, and that he hoped to have details of meetings published in the Courier. It was also suggested that an article about the Society telescope could be written for Astronomy Now. It was decided that a re-run of the Society leaflets for distribution should be put in hand.

Observations - Sean Tampsett said that he had been fairly inactive for 2000 due to work and other commitments but issued a request for suggestions from members re, Observing-planets, deep sky, and events etc. Joan's five minute slot on constellations were very helpful and there would be a different one each month. The possibility of including star charts with the Newsletter was discussed.

Any Other Business

The proposed changes to the Constitution were carried.

In addition to the present committee members (who were re-elected) the following members were formally elected to the committee:

Peter Prince as curator of the Society telescope.

Duncan Goulding as Technical Advisor.

It was stated by Michael Wyles that he thought that the subscription represented good value for money.

It was decided that a glossy A3 poster be designed for display in various suitable places. This is to be designed by Martin Newbold with images from Ian King. It was hoped that there would be a draft of this for the January meeting.

A telephone cascade system was to be drafted by Sean and Tim.

The meeting closed at 9.45.

After a short interval during which the members enjoyed a buffet and refreshments, Murray gave a short talk on Astrophotography. This followed on well from last months talk by Bob Mizon as Murray had built a Barn door (Scotch) mount for a camera. Valerie had then used this to take some slides, which Murray showed to illustrate the talk. The Mount used was better than the usual scotch mount in that it had a double hinge, therefore allowing more accurate tracking. I am sure that Murray would be willing to give advice to any member who wants to try their hand at making their own.


Next months meeting is on Wednesday 9 January 2002 at 7.30 pm. The venue as usual is the Drama Studio at Uplands. Our speaker this month will be Jerry Workman who will be speaking on the subject of "Mars Revisited". Jerry is a regular contributor to Astronomy Now and is the Chairman of the Astronomical Society of Haringey.


Tim has now managed to book the speakers for the coming six months; details are below.

January 9 Jerry Workman Mars Revisited
February 13 Ian King Astrophotography
March 13 Konrad Malin-Smith Supernovae
April 10 Greg Smye-Rumsby What size is that?
May 8 Kevin Apps New Planets Update
June 12 Andrew Robertson Telescopes and Optics




Subscriptions for the new current membership year 1 November 2001 - 31 October 2002 are now due. The good news for existing paid up members is that the November and December part has been paid. All that remains is for the balance of 12.50 for individual membership or 17 for joint membership to be paid. 3 members have already renewed their membership, thank you to them. If you would like to make the treasurers New Year a happy one do send your cheques to him at: Broadwater Lodge, Stone Cross Road, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6LR. Alternatively your presence accompanied by your cheque or oodles of cash on January 9th will be most welcome.


The balances on hand as of Christmas 2001 were 312.73 (Current) and 1220.98 (Reserve). In reviewing the accounts at the AGM it was mentioned that Speakers fees have ranged from 0 to 25 over the past four years. If the level of the first fee for the current year (Nov 75) continues at the same rate our entire balance of funds will be wiped out in two years time! Therefore although I stated in my report to the AGM that the society is not totally reliant on fundraising events, we do still need an additional income if possible. In the past, the tombola's that we have run have been very successful, they are however reliant on the number (and quality) of prizes that are donated. If any member has an idea for new ways in which the society could try to raise extra funds they would be most welcome. We are only at present asking for ideas, if any idea is used the committee will give as much support as is needed. Any member coming forward with an idea is not therefore going to be left to get on with it (unless that is what they want!). Hopefully this topic can be discussed in more depth at one of our future monthly meetings.



Chairman: Murray R. Barber 01892 654618 murray.barber@virgin.net

Secretary: Tim Bance 01732 832745 timbance@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Ian Reeves 01892 784255

Editor: Peter Bamblett 01732 368656 pbamblett@hotmail.com

Web site: Rob Cray rob@arcray.net

Publicity: Michael Harte 01892 783292 michael@greenman.demon.co.uk

Dir. of Obs.: Sean Tampsett 01892 667092 sean_tampsett@hotmail.com

Librarian: Joan Grace 01892 783721

Custodian of Equipment: Peter Prince 01892 836284