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Astronomy Links

For those who want to study astronomy at home, click here for a monthly course of lectures which start from scratch and aim to take you through over twelve months to a good understanding of what astronomy is all about.

The Astronomy Home-Work Help Pages are aimed at all levels from the beginner upwards

And click here for what is in the Wadhurst sky tonight
Ian King's website of astronomical photos - optical and CCD. Also visit his website for an online shop dedicated to astro imaging and the supply of high quality CCD Cameras, telescopes, accessories and mountings, and instruments suitable for all aspects of astronomy

The Society for Popular Astronomy website is full of useful and easily accessible information

SAGAS   SAGAS - The Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies

The Southern Group of Astronomical Societies provides a forum where representatives of Astronomical Societies from the South of England can meet to share best practice and discuss items of mutual interest or concern. SAGAS also provides the conduit to and from the FAS Council via our FAS representative. Business meeting are usually held every 3 months near Chichester, Sussex.

The group also encourages members of various societies to meet on a social basis. We hold an annual Summer Meeting at various locations in the South of England where members can meet and be entertained & educated by a series of lectures. 

Wycombe Astronomical Society
Hampshire Astronomical Group
Manchester Astronomical Society
Liverpool Astronomical Society
Federation of Astronomical Societies
Images from the Yerkes Observatory
Palomar Observatory
Anglo Australian Telescope
Most recent images from the Hubble Space Telescope
An online listing of Messier objects together with a selection of images.
Listings of NGC objects, with photographs and sketches
NASA's Mars Exploration program
Images from the Clementine missions
University of California's High Energy X-Ray Timing Experiment. Looking at white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes
The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) is a NASA initiative for small planetary missions
NASA Wallops Flight Facility page

Astro Links - General

The SETI Web site. Log on and search for extra-terrestrials.
STScI Digitised Sky Survey - you can enterco-ordinates, or search for an object
Centre for Earth And Planetary Studies
Jerry Lodrguss produces some of the most impressive amateur astronomy pictures on the Internet
The Centre for Backyard Astrophysics specialises in photometry of cataclysmic variables using robotic telescopes
Star Watch UK
A useful series of pages covering UK amateur astronomy
Armagh Planetarium Home Page
The Astronomical Image Library
Campaign for Dark Skies
Astronomy Picture of the Day
An Archive of every NASA image
The Aurora Page.
Nottingham University's weather pages with regularly updated satellite images
The Comet Home Page
The Earth Viewer will generate a view of the earth from any angle
The National Space science data center's page on Neptune