Please return this form by email to weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com or by post/in person to Dewlands, Station Road, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6RT  by 30th May 2012  PLEASE NOTE EXTENDED DEADLINE!


Name of organisation (if any):

Address (including postcode):

Telephone number(s):

Email address:

I would like to take part in A Weekend in Wadhurst.  I agree to abide by the rules (see below).  I am registering to take part as an individual/organisation (please delete one)

I am planning to take photos of:

Please note that you don’t have to say what you’re photographing in advance, but it would be nice to know if you were planning to cover something in particular.  Examples might be your school, club, home, the station, farming, a party, your customers, your business etc.  

I agree to abide by the rules overleaf and submit 5/10 photos to the email address weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com by midnight on 15/6/12


With thanks to:

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1.          Photographs should be taken at the highest resolution possible.  We will be in touch
            with all those who register to talk about the exact specification for entries once you    
            have registered, but it is likely that we will ask you to send them to us as small files,
            while keeping large versions in case we want to print them out for the exhibition – the    
            technicalities of this are the hardest part of the whole project and we don’t want to
            put people off with too much jargon – rest assured we will make it work for you!

2.          Entries will be accepted in digital format only, by email to
weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com, or by other means agreed with you otherwise in     
            advance, and must be accompanied by the entry form which will be sent to you once
            you register.

3.          Individuals may submit up to 5 images, organisations up to 10 images

4.          Entries must show the image as photographed, and not have been manipulated.  

5.          Entrants must confirm to Wadhurst Culture that they own the work submitted, that the  
            whole copyright is vested in them and that the photographer has the right to submit
            the work free of encumbrances or restrictions.

6.          The copyright of all entries submitted will pass to Wadhurst Culture, and the future
            use of these images will be at their discretion.  However, if individual images are sold
            as a result of their being exhibited, 25% of the value of the sale will be returned to the
            photographer.  Any profits made by Wadhurst Culture as a result of such sales will
            be ploughed back into the organisation’s account to support future cultural activities
            in Wadhurst.  

7.         The choice of pictures for the final exhibition will be entirely at the discretion of
           Wadhurst Culture and its appointed agents.  All photographers will be credited.  

8.         All pictures submitted will ultimately pass into the hands of the Wadhurst History
           Society who will preserve them in their archive, and may use them in future
           exhibitions and publications.

9.         The selection panel’s decision is final and no discussion or correspondence can be
           entered into on their decision.

10.       Any responsibility for damage or loss, however caused, is the responsibility of the
           photographer. The sponsors, Wadhurst Culture and Wadhurst History Society shall
           not be liable for any loss or damage, whether or not caused by negligence.

11.       The closing date for entries is 15th June.

12.       All those submitting entries are asked to confirm that they live or work in the
           Wadhurst/Tidebrook area.

13.       If your photos contain images of young people under the age of 18, or of vulnerable
           adults, please ensure you have the permission of their parents, guardians or carers
           for these images to be used.  You will be asked to give this assurance when you
           submit your photos. Wadhurst Culture will exclude entries that it considers to be
           indecent or illegal.