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Jubilee Weekend 2012:

 1st to the 5th June


A Weekend in Wadhurst is a photographic project designed to create a very special picture of Wadhurst between 1st and 5th June 2012.


What is it about? The population of Wadhurst is almost 5,000.  We live here, work here, go to school here, belong to clubs and societies, play sports.   We all take pictures of this activity all the time but how many do we keep and how many are preserved?  Think of those books of old pictures of Wadhurst which are so popular.  Wouldn’t a similar record of 2012 be great?    A Weekend in Wadhurst will create a record of a few days in the life of the village, which can be kept forever.  And this record won’t be just one person’s vision, but a collective effort by the community.


Why that Weekend?  Because for many people it’s a very special weekend – the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  For some people, of course, it will also be a perfectly ordinary weekend (with a couple of days extra).  Whether you’re hanging out the bunting, or hanging around on a street corner, A Weekend in Wadhurst is something you can get involved in.


Do I need to be an experienced photographer?  No, not at all. Your entries will be just as welcome whether you are an experienced photographer or a first timer.  Everyone can send in up to 5 images, 10 if you’re taking photos on behalf of a group, and stand the same chance of having them selected for the final exhibition.  You just need to live or work in the Wadhurst or Tidebrook area.


Do I need to have a digital camera?  Ideally yes, but if you let us know you want to take part and you haven’t got a camera, we’ll try and put you in touch with someone who will help you to take pictures over the weekend. 


But I’m not doing anything special that weekend.  That doesn’t matter.  Whatever you’re doing – gardening, going fishing, getting on with your work, walking the dog, playing, drinking, praying – we want your pictures!


What will happen to the pictures?  We will hold an exhibition in the village later in the year at which the pictures will be displayed.  We’ll try to show the work of as many people as we can.  After that, the whole archive will be handed over to the Wadhurst History Society, who will preserve it as a historic record.


Who is organising this? A small group called Wadhurst Culture has been set up by the Parish Council, made up of Parish Councillors and others who are interested in developing culture and arts activity – and fun! - in the village.  For further information contact weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com, ring 01892 783911 or ring/text 07708 933607.


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How can I get involved? 

·          As a photographer – anyone can do this – just email weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com and ask for a registration form.  Forms are also be available on the Wadhurst website:  www.wadhurst.info/wadhurst/culture/photoform.htm.  If you don’t have email, hard copies of the form can be found from early April at The Art Shop or Carillon Cottage in the High Street,  or contact  Felicity on  07708 933607 and she’ll help you to register your interest.  If you want to photograph a particular aspect of the weekend, you can let us know at the point at which you register.

·          As part of the organising group – we will need several people to help in the run up to the weekend, during the weekend and after the weekend.  If you would like to be part of a small, active group organising the project or the final exhibition, please contact weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com or ring 07708 933607 or 01892 783911

·          Encouraging others – if you are a teacher, a youth worker, the warden of sheltered accommodation, a shop keeper, or hold any kind of position in the community, you can encourage your residents, customers or pupils to be involved.  For more information, contact weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com or ring 07708 933607 or 01892 783911

·          Donate a prize or sponsor the event – entering is not just about winning, but we’d like to give some prizes, so let us know if you have anything you would like to donate.  We will also be approaching local businesses to ask for their financial support – running the event won’t cost much, but the exhibition will need funding for printing and framing. 


What do I need to do?

1.        Registration – you will need register in advance by filling in the form and returning it to weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com if you want to be involved, ideally by 31st May.  This is so we can give you more technical information, including how to submit your pictures.  If you decide to join in at the last minute, though, email weekendinwadhurst@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to fit you in! You can be any age, but you must live or work in the Wadhurst and Tidebrook area.

2.        Timing – all pictures must be taken between 3pm on Friday 1st June 2012 and one minute before midnight on Tuesday 5th June 2012. So anything that happens between those times will count.

3.        Format – All entries should use the highest possible resolution in case your work is selected for the exhibition, in which case it will be much enlarged.  We will also be asking you to keep copies of anything you send us, in case we need access to the original file. More details will be on the registration form.

4.        Number of Entries – Each individual entering will be limited to 5 images.  Institutions, clubs or societies entering as a group will be limited to 10 entries.

5.        Deadline – Friday 15th June – details of how to submit your pictures will be sent to everyone who registers

6.        Being fair and decent – although we don’t want to end up with a series of posed photos, please do ask people’s permission before you take their photos and please do bear in mind that people may not wish to see themselves in a public exhibition doing things that are indecent, illegal or just simply undignified.  If you don’t exercise such restraint in the photos you submit, we reserve the right to exercise it for you and not to use those images.  If you include images of children or vulnerable adults, you will be asked to state that you have permission to do so.

7.        Copyright – The copyright of all entries submitted will pass to Wadhurst Culture, and the future use of these images will be at their discretion.  However, if individual images are sold as a result of their being exhibited, 25% of the value of the sale will be returned to the photographer.  Any profits made by Wadhurst Culture as a result of such sales will be ploughed back into the organisation’s account to support future cultural activities in Wadhurst. 

8.        Exhibition – the choice of pictures for the final exhibition will be entirely at the discretion of Wadhurst Culture and its appointed agents.  All photographers will be credited. 

9.        Archive - all pictures submitted will ultimately pass into the hands of the Wadhurst History Society who will preserve them in their archive, and may use them in future exhibitions and publications.

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