Wouldn't it be better if Wadhurst was always neat and tidy?

Wadhurst RATS Gallery
Just look at our rubbish - litter louts abroad

We live in one of the prettiest places in Sussex and yet our streets are often spoiled by litter thoughtlessly dropped by pedestrians or thrown out of car windows by motorists who ought to know better - and take their rubbish home!

We have rubbish bins aplenty but the Council cannot always keep them empty - so rubbish blows out again

We need people to keep an eye open - to remind thoughtless individuals to put their rubbish in a bin - to let the Council know a bin is overflowing - to run the occasional 'tidy up' campaign

Would you be willing to join a group taking this task on?

If so - contact Melissa Gates on 07789 264625 or by e-mail