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Wadhurst Bellringers



After Chris's death, Catherine Heathcote, who had recently moved to Wadhurst, agreed to be Tower Captain, but since then she has had many other calls made on her time and has now decided to relinquish the post.Following a meeting of the ringers, it was unanimously agreed that Norman Pocock, who had been Vice-Captain, would be the new Tower Captain - a job which he had also held many years ago.The officers now therefore read as follows:-

Tower Captain:                       Norman Pocock        01892-784050
Treasurer:                                David Smith
Steeple Keeper:                      John Bishop
Secretary:                                  Ann Bainham           01580-200466

Other members of the band are:-

Roy Champion
Sue Ellis
Iris Glover
Barbara Godsalve
Mary Hallett
Kate Luckhurst

This means that we are left with ten ringers for eight bells, so that if several of us are away at one time we have to import ringers from other towers to ring for weddings, etc.There are several people in Wadhurst who can already ring, (and you know who you are!) and we would love to welcome them back to the tower so that the bells can continue to be rung for Services and weddings and for other village occasions.

It would be a pity if the Wadhurst church bells eventually become silent because of a lack of ringers as we are particularly lucky in having a very good sounding ring of 8 bells which "go" easily; it is probably the best ring of 12 cwt for many miles around. Yes, it does take time to learn to handle a bell, but once learnt it enables you to ring anywhere in the world where the bells are hung for change ringing, and you are always made welcome at other towers; in addition you also see some wonderful villages, large and small, Cathedrals, lovely scenery, and make new friends.

Ann Bainham


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