All About Ticehurst, Flimwell and Stonegate

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Scouting in Ticehurst

For over 70 years 1st Ticehurst Scouts has been part of the largest outdoor pursuits youth organisation in the world.

We are a village group with our own facilities and resources in the heart of Sussex countryside, 1st Ticehurst is part of the Ashdown District Scouts spanning Crowborough, Uckfield, Mayfield, Wadhurst and Groombridge. We ourselves have members from Ticehurst, Flimwell and Stonegate.

We are proud to wear the uniform and proclaim that not every young person is obsessed only by anti-social behaviour. In fact our members are some of the best of the youth today.

1st Ticehurst Scouts promotes self development and FUN. Our activities include swimming, camping, sailing, canoeing, climbing, cooking, football, rafting, hiking,...and more and more

Our scouts are involved in community service including the church, British Legion and latterly the Tsunami appeal.

Our membership divides by age group and there is no discrimation on ability, sex, colour or creed.

Beavers: 6-8 years old
Cubs 8-10 years old
Scouts 10-14 years old
Explorers 14-18 years old
Young leaders 18-24 years old
The rest of us

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