Community Contact

If you are on-line in the Hastings, Rother, Bexhill and Wealden areas,
you are invited to join our free ‘Community Contact’ scheme.
This scheme provides a safe, efficient and speedy way of exchanging information between Sussex Police, our Partners and the Community. As it is two-way, it allows members to respond quickly with information that could assist Sussex Police.
All messages are sent out as ‘blind copies’, so members e-mail addresses remain confidential.

E-mail information is issued directly from a Police Co- ordinator to your computer.

Community ContactYou will receive news bulletins from:
Sussex Police on crime, crime prevention, ‘good news’ in the fight against local crime,
traffic accident appeals, etc.
The Sussex Police Authority with news, meetings and surveys.East Sussex Trading Standards
regarding scams, rogue traders, etc.
Community Safety Messages from The Safer Communities Partnership,District Councils,
East Sussex County Council and East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

To join, just send an e-mail to the Police Co-ordinator.