Who are we
Local Residents who came together as a result of a questionnaire that was circulated. As a result of this, those who answered the questionnaire were invited to a meeting and helped set up what is now The New Wadhurst Residents' Association.
A public meeting was organised at which a committee was elected and representatives from each Street or Road who have joined the association was also elected.

           What are our aims
We try to find answers to the problems that concern our members.
How ! By inviting along the people we think are most likely to help us.

We meet monthly, usually the second Thursday of each month.
Where? Normally at Fazan Court, Snape View at 10:00
We have one public meeting each year when everyone is invited along and committee members are elected and representatives for each Street or Road that belong to the Residents' Association are also elected.

            People that have attended our meetings
The Police, represented by our local PCSO, Wadhurst Parish Council,
The head of Transport Procurement for E.S.C.C (the Man responsible for all public transport in East Sussex) and the person who worked so hard to get the New Bus Service running.
The Principal Engineer for E.S.C.C. Highways Dept. and other Representatives who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Highways.
Representatives from the Housing and Planning Dept. of Wealden District Council,
Representatives from PDL Homes (who have put in the planning application for Queens Cottages)
Representatives for Downland Housing Association and their Architect (developers of the Affordable Homes in Courthope Avenue)             

          Achievements so far
We managed to get the footpaths in Washwell Lane, Snape View and Courthope Avenue dug up and completely re-laid, and while this was being clone to get Dropped Kerbs installed at convenient points to help the Elderly, Disabled, and less mobile residents and the Younger Mums with their toddlers easier access to the footpaths when crossing the roads.
We were involved in discussions to try and save the Post Bus, which unfortunately failed to happen, but following on with these discussions the idea of a new bus service was born and was eventually to lead to the introduction of a New Bus Service funded by Wadhurst and Mayfield Parish Councils and E.S.S.C.
We have been promised an ongoing programme of repairs to footpaths in other area's of Wadhurst starting this year (2008) albeit, subject, as with most things nowadays, that the funding still remains available.
We also produce a quarterly newsletter which is distributed to over 350 homes

         Things we would like done
More Policing in and around Wadhurst, stronger action taken on illegal parking which is responsible for a lot of the congestion in Wadhurst. We want action taken against motorists who continually park across the dropped kerbs in the footpaths.
Firmer action to be taken against Anti-social behaviour and vandalism