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St. George's Hall Sparrows Green

Second Thursday in the month 14:00 unless otherwise stated


Mrs P Coyne President
784 675
Mrs J Reed Vice President
782 556
Mrs J Page Treasurer
783 472
Mrs S Fairchild Secretary
784 702
Jan BerksTrading Stall
Birthday Posies
784 616
Pamela Coyne Transport
Savings Scheme
784 675
Shirley Fairchild W.I. News
784 702
Rosemary Hockney Register
New Members' Secretary
782 967
Mavis McDonald Raffle
782 173
Joan Reed Kitchen Manager
Good Campanions
782 556
Gwen Tuck Minutes Secretary
785 285


January 14th
Mrs H Woodward: Scotney Castle
Competition: An Antique
Trading Stall: Toiletries
February 11th
Mr A Hoare: Brassed Off
Competition: Valentine Card or Gift
Trading Stall: White Elephant
March 11th
Mrs M Wynne-Jones : Scarf Tying Magic
Competition: Decorated Egg
Trading Stall: Easter Cooking
April 8th
Mr F Falbon: The Land that Inspired Sibelius
Competition: Photograph of Snow Scene
Trading Stall: CDs and DVDs
May 13th
Competition: Flower Arrangement in a Teacup
Trading Stall: Plants
June 10th
Mrs E Oliver: ACWW
Competition: Foreign Souvenir
Trading Stall: Jewellery

July 8th
Mrs Kinnison-Bourke: Death by Gentry
Competition: Pretty Plate
Trading Stall: Jigsaws and Games
August 12th
Garden Party Venue to be Arranged
September 9th
Mrs S Ashton: County Craft Collection
Competition: Craft Item You Have Made
Trading Stall: Store Cupboard Item
October 14th
Harvest Lunch 12 noon for 12.30pm
November 11th
Competition: War Memorabilia
Trading Stall: Christmas Fayre
December 9th
Christmas Tea
Trading Stall: Christmas Goods