Wadhurst Methodist Church
History & architecture


Rev  Dominic Grant    01892 783 009

Church Treasurer

Mr P Thompson 783 009

Church Stewards Mrs J Hayward  782142
Miss J Anstey   782376
Mrs S Vane    782619

Church Secretary

Mrs  M Lloyd  78357


Mr J Pickering 782 185

Bookings Secretary

Miss J Anstey   782376


Sunday I July                                    
               10.30am Mr H Edwards                          
Sunday 8 July
               10.30am  Rev D Grant                
Sunday 15 July
               10.30am  Mr P Staddon
                 6.30pm CTIW at Sacred Heart
Sunday 22 July
               10.30am  Rev S Foreman, Communion

Sunday 29 July
              10.30am  Mr A Crook

Methodist notes

At the end of July, having completed five years ministry in Crowborough and Wadhurst, the Rev'd Dominic Grant will be moving with his wife, Miriam, from Crowborough to Wimbledon where Dominic will take up an appointment in a much larger URC Church; our prayers and best wishes go with them and also with their young son,
Matthew, who is to become a boarder at St. Bede's School initially in Eastbourne.

They will be sadly missed but in the Methodist and URC traditions ministers are normally appointed for an initial period of five years and at the end of that time many feel that the time is right to move on - especially at a time when it is advantageous for the children's schooling.

Dominic's ministry has been much appreciated , particularly his careful and meticulous preaching on difficult and complex subjects and the introduction of such initiatives as labyrinth worship and the memorable hustings before the last general election.We thank him too for his support and encouragement. And we wish him every blessing in his ministry.